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Dogs make our lives whole

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

– Hippocrates

Our Mission

Your dog is your best friend. Your confidante. Your partner in crime. And you’re their advocate. Their protector. Their entire world.

The Raw Pets Thrive Movement was born out of our belief that every single dog deserves a thriving, flourishing life. We believe that every dog parent deserves to have the information they need to keep their fur baby truly healthy, happy, and vital. And right now is an exciting time to be a pet parent, because there’s a movement that’s changing the lives of dogs and their people everywhere: the raw feeding movement.

Here at Raw Pets Thrive, we empower you to take back your dog’s health. To feel confident that you’re doing everything possible to keep your dog living, loving, and thriving for years and years. We know there’s nothing more joyous than seeing your best friend living a full and vital life, and nothing more heartbreaking than seeing them lose their vitality.

We are a movement, and we invite you to join us. Come learn how to keep your dog thriving. Whether your dog has some health challenges or you just want to make sure they stay healthy, we can help you! We believe that your dog can live a profoundly healthy, vibrant life–the kind of life nature intended–and we believe that you can help them do it. So come join the movement today, and transform your dog into a raw pet that thrives!

Our Blog

Welcome to the Raw Pets Thrive blog! On this site, we will bring you stories, helpful tips, and other great information about dogs, from discussions about the best nutrition for your pet, to natural alternatives to conventional medications, and even the ways that our beloved dogs are our teachers and inspirations. And we will post some fun pictures too from time to time! Enjoy!

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Legal Disclaimer
The purpose and general goal of the animal naturopathic consultations offered by Kristin Clark or any employee of Raw Pets Thrive is to educate the client about their animal’s body systems in relation to function and ability pertaining to maintenance of overall homeostasis (balance) through the removal of various, and typically specific, obstacles to their health, thus thereby encouraging their body’s own natural healing processes.  Kristin Clark does not function as a traditional allopathic veterinarian by diagnosing disease, treating disease, or performing invasive procedures, nor do her services replace that of a traditional licensed allopathic veterinarian.


The information offered by Kristin Clark is intended to provide general guidance.  Nothing on her website or during a regular consultation constitutes traditional allopathic veterinary advice.  Always consult with a licensed veterinarian before undertaking any course of treatment for your animal or changing treatments or medications your own veterinarian has already prescribed.