Did you know that apple cider vinegar (ACV for short) is a great supplement that can help your dog? You can use it to help ease your dog’s itchiness, clean their ears, control fleas and ticks, and more? Read on to learn more about how ACV can help your dog live their best life!

ACV hack #1: Ease itchiness naturally

Lots of dogs suffer from allergies and itchiness. If yours is one of them, ACV might help ease their discomfort. In a dark glass spray bottle, combine a 50/50 solution of distilled water and ACV (make sure you use raw, organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar—I like Bragg’s). Shake it and lightly spray on your dog’s itchy spots. Make sure to avoid their eyes and nose, as well as any open wounds or cuts, because the vinegar will sting. Along with being antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-bacterial, ACV is believed to help restore the skin’s natural pH, which helps relieve itching, especially itching associated with dry or flaky skin.

ACV hack #2: Eliminate yeast problems

Sometimes, dogs (like us) get yeast infections. If your dog is yeasty and itchy, and you can’t apply the ACV topically, you can add ¼ teaspoon twice a day to their food or water. Because yeast doesn’t like acidic environments, it will help kill the yeast internally without harming your dog. If your dog suffers from chronic yeast infections, it may be because of their diet and/or lifestyle. Getting them onto a species-appropriate raw diet and eliminating toxins will go a long way towards breaking the cycle of chronic yeast infections.

ACV hack #3: Clean ears with ease

If your dog has dirty ears, ACV is a great way to help get them clean. The good news is you don’t have to buy any expensive or potentially toxic cleaners…ACV can do the job safely and effectively. If your dog’s ears are inflamed, you shouldn’t use the ACV, but if they just need cleaning, it’s absolutely fine! To clean the ears, make up the 50/50 solution of distilled water and raw, organic, unfiltered ACV, soak a cotton ball in the solution, and use the cotton ball to gently clean your dog’s ears. Avoid going down into the ear canal—at best, you’ll push the wax and debris further into your dog’s ear, and at worst, you can damage or rupture their eardrum.

ACV hack #4: Control parasites without the toxins

Remember that 50:50 distilled water/ACV solution? It’s an excellent way to help keep parasites like fleas and ticks at bay! Before you and your dog go outside, spray them with the water/ACV solution. Of course, you should avoid spraying the solution into your dog’s eyes or nose, and just like we mentioned above, if your dog has any open wounds, avoid spraying those too.

ACV hack #5: Soothe irritated paws

If your dog suffers from itchy, yeasty, and/or irritated paws, ACV might work wonders! Add a 2:1 ratio of distilled water and ACV to a bathtub or large bowl. Soak your dog’s paws in the solution for 5 minutes, then thoroughly dry them (there’s no need to rinse them). You can do this several times per day to help soothe those irritated paws.

Have you used ACV for your dog? We’d love to hear how you use it! Let us know in the comments below.

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