Raw Pet Digest magazine

Learn how to improve your pet’s life with curated, original, and unique content. If you love your pets, this is the magazine for you.

Unleash your dog or cat’s full potential! Help them live a raw, balanced, thriving life!

What’s Raw Pet Digest magazine about?

  • We help you understand how to feed raw.
  • We explain how to follow naturopathic principles for your pet.
  • We show you how to feed whole prey and prey model raw (and we talk about commercial raw too!).
  • We discuss essential oils, homeopathy, herbs, and more.
  • We seek out the latest information about how to naturally address chronic illnesses.
  • We celebrate the mind/body/spirit connection by bringing you stories about animals as teachers, healers, and inspiration.

And we do it all in a way that empowers you to make the best decisions for you, your pet, and your life.

If you’re a pet parent and you want to help your dog or cat thrive well into old age, this is the magazine for you! Our years of experience and research help you save time and be confident you’re getting the best content to help your dog or cat thrive.

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