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Curated, non-judgemental, fun, and unique content about:

  • Raw feeding and nutrition
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  • Animals as teachers
  • How to make health decisions that are right for your pet and your lifestyle

If you want to help your pet thrive well into old age, this is the magazine for you! Our years of experience and research help you save time and be confident you’re making the right decisions for your dog or cat.



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What a fantastic magazine! It’s helped us make so many great changes to make our pet’s lives better! Keep up the great work!

Midi F.

Well I am so darn impressed with what you are doing! This magazine certainly educates!
Love you and all you are doing Kristin. I dare say there has NEVER been a magazine like this that I’ve ever seen.  Awesomeness!!!
Kim B.

I can’t wait for each new issue! I love what you do.  My pups and I are super grateful.  I know your pack is beyond happy too.
Kim V.