By checking the Terms and Conditions box, I hereby acknowledge that I understand and agree with all statements below:

  1. That Kristin Clark and all Raw Pets Thrive consultants are natural animal health coaches who are legally able to instruct and educate others in self-help methods of animal health, such as the use of proper exercise, diet, nutritional supplements, water, sunshine, fresh air, rest, and attitude.
  2. That Kristin Clark and all Raw Pets Thrive consultants in no context of the phrase “practice medicine” and therefore do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, administer, cure, heal, or otherwise perform a duty that is reserved for those who are licensed to do so.
  3. That the instruction concerning a healthful lifestyle for my pet is incidental to any particular illnesses and diseases he/she may have and is therefore not made in direct references to these.
  4. Any healing of illnesses or diseases your pet may experience as a result of following the instruction of Kristin Clark and/or all Raw Pets Thrive consultants was/were purely the result of the body itself once a naturally correct way of living was employed, for it is only the body that heals itself, not any person or animal.
  5. That no claims or guarantees have been made as to any health benefits that may result from my following the instruction given by Kristin Clark and/or all Raw Pets Thrive consultants concerning a naturally correct way of living for your pet.
  6. That the instruction given by Kristin Clark and/or all Raw Pets Thrive consultants in no way replaces proper veterinary medical care, and that I am free to choose a naturally right lifestyle for my pet.
  7. That under penalty of perjury I am not an agent of any branch of the federal, state or local government for any agency thereof, with intent to entrap or entice Kristin Clark, her staff, employees and/or associates into breaking any federal, state, or local law whatsoever, acting either on my own behalf or on behalf of the agency of the government or on behalf of any government agency directly.
  8. I understand and agree that, if I purchase one of the consultation packages, optimal results are achieved by applying the information provided to me in said consultation. I understand that customization is possible, but that the concepts presented follow naturopathic principles and relate to my particular situation, and they are designed to help my dog live and thrive at the optimal level possible for them. If I feel I am unable to follow the concepts and information given, I should discuss this with my consultant as soon as possible.
  9. Any advice or information given in Raw Pet Digest magazine is intended for educational purposes only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body or pets, and the author(s), publishers, and contributors accept no responsibility for such use. Anyone or their pets suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should consult with their physician or veterinarian.
  10. The statements made in Raw Pet Digest magazine, in any book written by Kristin Clark, or anywhere on the Raw Pets Thrive website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, all viewes expressed in any of these places are the views of the individual author/contributor/consultant, and do not necessarily represent the views of Raw Pet Digest and/or Raw Pets Thrive.

Consultation Disclaimer Statement and Refund Policy

The purpose and general goal of the animal naturopathic consultation offered by Kristin Clark and/or the Raw Pets Thrive Consultant is to educate the client about their animal’s body systems in relation to function and ability pertaining to maintenance of overall homeostasis (balance) through the removal of various, and typically specific, obstacles to their health, this thereby encouraging their body’s own natural healing processes. The consultant does not function as a traditional allopathic veterinarian by diagnosing disease, treating disease, or performing invasive procedures, nor do her services replace that of a traditional licensed allopathic veterinarian.

The information offered by Kristin Clark is intended to provide general guidance. Nothing on her website or during a regular consultation constitutes traditional allopathic veterinary advice. Always consult with a licensed veterinarian before undertaking any course of “treatment” for your animal or changing treatments or medications your own veterinarian has already prescribed. This consultation will hopefully suggest additional options to think about, and other areas to explore, based on your pet’s condition.

I, as a mature adult, have read the disclosure statement and understand its content and the limits of these services. I voluntarily seek these consulting services for my animal and assume full responsibility for this decision. My agreement to these terms and conditions constitutes my legal signature and acceptance of the services offered by Kristin Clark and/or the Raw Pets Thrive consultant, which will stand for the initial consultation date and for all subsequent consultations occurring after this date.

Payment is required in advance of consultation. Refunds are available only if you cancel 48 hours in advance of your initial intake call. Because of the time involved in creating the consultation recommendations, absolutely no refunds are available if you do not give 48 hours’ notice.