Growth Hacking: Estrategias de Posicionamiento para Potenciar el Rendimiento

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Kristin Clark,
Founder and Animal Lover.
Kristin founded the Raw Pets Thrive Movement to help dogs live their best lives.
Serving clients whose dogs range from top performance dogs to beloved family pets, Kristin is passionate about helping all dogs.
She truly understands this journey, because she walks it herself every single day. With three dogs of her own, she knows just how hard it can be to find help for health issues using conventional means.
Kristin is board certified by the American Council of Animal Naturopathy as a Carnivore Nutrition Consultant and a Small Animal Naturopath, and devotes a great deal of time to researching how best to help dogs live their optimal lives. Kristin also writes for, edits, and publishes Raw Pet Digest, an international online magazine devoted to helping dogs and cats live and thrive naturally.